Friday, November 13, 2009

Ted Hackworth

Denver received sad news recently that former City Councilman Ted Hackworth passed away at home.

Ted never hesitated to tell you how he felt about something. He never hesitated to vote no if he disagreed on something. He taught me lots and I am appreciative for his good advice which he always shared on issues of significance facing Denver.

Staffers and Council members both joked about a vote being 12 to one; that was 12 to Hackworth. Ted remained active to the end in his Southwest Neighborhood association. And he had a contagious smile which lit up a room no matter how big. Beneath the gruff exterior lurked a good sense of humor and encouraged me to quote more Shakespeare. One council member asked if she could get some credit at Regis for all that Shakespeare I quoted. I told her she would have to pass the test and that was stuff that dreams are made of and not likely.

He was very pleased when I arranged to lead the battle for him to serve as President Pro Tem his final year in office. He seemed to like that honor which the council awarded him for his many years of service. Ted will be missed and his dedication to neighborhood and city will be missed as well.

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