Thursday, November 19, 2009

During these difficult economic times it is important for our governmental. Everyone is tightening their belts and the government must too. However, rather than wholesale cuts across every agency, I believe that government must be strategic in its financial reductions – making sure that the citizenry gets the most “bang for the buck”.

I am proud that under my tenure the Auditor’s Office has added an entire new menu of products intended to help city agencies make strategic decisions. Our “Audit Services” package gives an agency the flexibility to ask for benchmarking and in depth analysis in comparing of how other cities may handle a situation. With our Audit Services we often identify what is the governmental “best practice” in a variety of scenarios. We can provide this insight in real time and it does not require as much time as a full-blown audit to complete.

In these tough economic times, information and insight is the key to providing the most city services at the cheapest cost. Audit Services is a unique and powerful way to ensure this happens.

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