Monday, November 16, 2009


I encourage readers to check out the DaVinci Institute. This institute has nothing to do about fighting between angels and demons. Alas no medieval knights joining crusades to challenge some medieval foes. It is not an adjunct in the controversy Mary Magdalene’s place in the salvation legend.

The DaVinci Institute encourages people to look at trends and see how those trends might be affecting our future. The organization presents excellent futurists who try to let us know what trends may be facing economics, education, environment and even water availability.

A recent missive by email from the institute noted several trends to keep our eyes on, and these are my humble summaries:

1. By 2020 biotech and genetics will push ahead to occupy the attention spans of futurists.

2. Web amateurs will be seen to be a good or if not better than web professionals.

4.Smart water grid technologies will be the big discussion for future studies.

5.Space hotels are taking orders for rooms by 2012.

6. Many corporations are cash flush with money and are just sitting on their fortunes.

7. Online video services are becoming more like regular TV services.

8. Japan will experience some population concerns and face possible collapse.

9. China, our banker, will loan 10 billion dollars to Africa.

Check out these future teasers. Former Governor Dick Lamm often told me: "It not that one can actually predict the future. What is important is that one tries to think about the future."

I agree with him and hope you will start thinking about the future.

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