Sunday, October 4, 2009

Auditor Humor?

Auditor's need a good sense of humor.  Auditors cannot take the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune sent their way.
An illustration in point. And every joke has a grievance.
Some time ago, St. John's Cathedral hosted a prayer service for Mayor Hickenlooper to help him to a successful term as Mayor.  Incense bellowed from the incensor gliding slowly to the heavens like prayers for the newly elected mayor.  The choir wafted mellifluent stentorian tones knocking on the very gates of heaven.
A friend of mine invited me to the service.  I sat a few seats behind the mayor.  The Dean of the Cathedral, Reverend Peter Eaton approached the Mayor and congratulated him on the prayers being offered for him.  He saw me behind him in the corner of his eye.  Laughingly he asked the Dean, "Is there a prayer for the Auditor, Father," the mayor quipped.  He does have a good sense of humor though sometime seared with sarcasm.
Without a beat, the Dean answered that there was a prayer for the auditor. The Dean took a deep breath and intoned a mock  line of Gregorian chant singing, "Lord, may the auditor, be"....a long pause here..the tension built as those nearby listened for the punch line. "....far away from us."  Waves of irreverent laughter echoed off the ancient stones of the Cathedral walls.
I felt like I was in a re-run of Fiddler on the Roof,  but I took the place of the tzar.
Is an auditor not a human being? Does an auditor not have feelings?  Do auditor's not bleed when cut?
Yes, answers all three questions.  But auditor's have to develop a thick skin and remember that the auditor's role is to tell truth to power even if they do not want to hear.  The auditor has to follow the ancient Roman admonition:  "Fiat justicia et caeli ruant. Let justice be done, thought the heaven's fall."  This auditor takes the auditor's role very seriously.  And I know the work of our outstanding staff in the auditor's office brings value to city functions and processes.  And we try to do it all with civility and a smile. 

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