Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2010 Audit Plan

I hope everyone will check the Auditor's 2010 Audit Plan posted on the Auditor's website.

Charter language approved by voters in 2007 requires the Auditor to come up with an annual audit plan, a collaborative audit plan, a collegial audit plan. The charter requires the Auditor to consult with the mayor and council on issues which need to be audited in Denver. This language arose from the city's tradition that ambitious auditors in Denver find in the auditor's office a fertile nesting ground for future mayoral plans.

Kip Memmott Director of Internal Audit in the Denver Auditor's Office and I have broadly interpreted the charter language to be more inclusive than just found in the written words: we annually meet with department heads as well. For two years now, we have shared the outline of our annual audit plans with department heads and staffs in their offices and have asked if they have any input for the plan. We have received many excellent suggestions for audits from these meetings. I think you will appreciate the emphasis on public safety and internal financial controls highlighted in the 2010 plan. Taxpayers will appreciate the detailed calculations of how many hours our auditors have allocated per audit on various issues and departments. And we have set aside enough hours of audit time to allow for emergencies which may arise in the city in need of attention. In my view visiting with department heads continues to help build trust at the city in that many agency heads feel negative about any audit pending around their departments.

These insightful revelations in the 2010 Audit Plan reflect a new sense of accountability and transparency which our recent peer review appreciated in their recent analysis of our office operations. So let me know what you think of the 2010 Plan and share your thoughts as to what should be audited in Denver. Mike Licht, former Denver Auditor who ran for mayor, had a great motto in his campaign: "Everyone is an Auditor." When asked what that meant Mike said "If you pay your parking bill at the airport and you don't get a receipt, report it to the auditor's office." Not getting a receipt for money paid at any city agency shows a lack of proper internal controls and can lead to possible fraud.

And Mike is right, and every one can offer suggestions to the audit plan.

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