Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Reflection on Republican Primary Candidates

As I have told many of you, every month I attend the Colorado Republican Business Coalition. At my table someone asked how I felt being a Democrat and coming to a Republican meeting? I told them I was learning lots and people were very friendly, but I reminded them I had not had as much time as I had to make as many enemies in my own party. Every now and again they say they want to discuss strategy.... and look at me. I tell them: "If I told the Democrats your strategy, they would not know what to do with it." And that last comment comes after years of experience.

A Regis student today in the library asked why Herman Cain was ahead in the polls surrounding the Republican Primary candidates. In my view, Cain is a bit of a populist. And he is against the establishment of the Republican leadership. So grass roots Republicans are giving him their support. The same pattern holds true for the Democrats. Democrats in Colorado and Denver do not like their leadership telling the rank and file for whom they have to vote. Recall the Republican and Governor candidates last time round.

Perry has asked everyone to look what he did in Texas. Let's take a minute to look at it.

1. Texas has the highest rate of poverty in the nation.
2. Texas has the lowest educational performance in the nation, almost down with Mississippi.
3. Texas is the largest polluter per capita in the nation.

I enjoyed venturing into the national sphere. I wonder if I should think about raising my profile in this area. I think I'm doing fine right here at home.

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