Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arturo Jimenez

I am supporting the re-election of Arturo Jimenez for the Denver School Board. Arturo should be re-elected because he dares to ask the tough questions which a school board member should ask. He is not afraid to confront the administration about fiscally unsound choices and poor academic goof ups.

Arturo also fights to build consensus even with the sharp divisions on the board. His ability to work with other members of the board can be seen in his colleagues electing him to the post of vice-president of the board. He has fought for transparency and fiscal accountability on the board.

And Arturo's ability to deal with parents and students who speak Spanish at home is a valuable asset for our district. This is especially important because seventy five percent of Hispanic students drop out of North High School. As a resident of North Denver, I am proud Arturo can speak to parents and students in their own language about problems facing them and their children. He brings direct feedback to a board which greatly needs that information, not mediated by the district. His linguistic ability is the envy of all the other board members. This talent makes Arturo a unifier who brings in all to the table, especially those who struggle with language issues. He talks to everybody across cultures and generations.

The other quality of Arturo's personality that recommends him for another term is his courage. He asks the tough questions to the administration about fiscal and financial mismanagement. He is not afraid to ask what needs to be asked and aired in front of the people and the board. JFK got in trouble with the Cuban invasion because all his advisors would not share with the president their doubts and misgivings about the Cuban invasion. Result: disaster. Every board needs someone with Arturo's courage to not be afraid to be unpopular and express doubts about teachers teaching to standardized tests. Arturo is that courageous advisor in this race.

Finally, Arturo is really stubborn. I have observed him work hard and never letgo until problems are solved. He is even-tempered, has a good sense of humor, another important asset to be on our school board. He is not a grudge holder and I admire Arturo especially for that. Indeed he is an inspiration to me because I sometimes forget that important virtue. Arturo is an optimist and happy in his work on the board is blest the loving support of his wife and family. Arturo has vowed he will not run a negative campaign even though his opponent's well-funded campaign has already turned personally vindictive and divisive. Allow a rhetorical intervention, that's a shame on our neighborhood.

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