Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tomorrow at Denver’s historic 4 Mile House Park, Professor Tom Noel and I will be leading folks in our annual reading of the full Declaration of Independence. The reading will start about 1pm, but fun for all the family can be had if you get there early. We thank Congresswoman Diana DeGette for giving us copies of the Declaration and the Constitution from her office supply. They serve a good hamburger and brat lunch with potato salad and baked beans at the park. The park also celebrates our independence with hay rides, and a stage coach rides. You just line up for those events. And Daniel Knifechief from North Denver, a Native American friend, shows kids what living in a teepee is like. The civil war soldiers always set off a few canon shots just in case the British might be thinking about reclaiming their former colony. Visitors can see many early American crafts: quilt making and sewing; horse shoe clanging on hot anvils; and the gift show is open. The Denver Concert Band always lifts the spirits of all with their rousing patriotic marches and melodies. And during the Declaration’s reading, we try to get the crowd roaring “Down with King George.” Last year the crowd picked up the refrain like a bunch of Tea Partiers at a make up your mind rally. I will have voter registration sign-up sheets available for anyone who wishes to register. I took the course at a neighborhood meeting on how to help sign up residents to vote. I am a veritable walking voter registration site. And feel free to join in on the reading of your favorite grievance old King George III. The park is at 715 S. Forrest Street, in Denver, not quite Glendale. There is a charge for admission, but it’s well worth it. Up the Republic.

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