Monday, June 4, 2012

What goes around, comes around

"What goes around, comes around," an old favorite slogan of my father, certainly proved true in the flurry of publicity about Douglas Bruce's recent release from prison. Remember the first time Bruce went to jail? That was because Bruce, the reticent landlord, did not repair the basic safety and health violations raised by Denver housing code inspectors on some of his many rental units in our fair city. In the Denver Post, "Bruce complained that the jail's plumbing and heating were defective and would generate multiple code violations if the building was inspected." Mr. Bruce also railed against the prison cuisine and the picture in the papers after his release showed a crisper and leaner tax protester. Bruce's comments reminded me of an incident I encountered a few years back. An Irish Senator from County Wicklow in Ireland phoned me. He was concerned that two of his young Irish lads got caught in America with expired visas. They were immediately arrested by INS and they spent two weeks in the federal immigration jail over in East Denver. They were in jail longer than Pat Sullivan. The Irish papers had picked up the story and folks were planning demonstrations to demand "America release the Wicklow Two." He asked me to look in on them. I went to visit them, and and asked how they were doing, both responded, "we've lost almost 20 pounds." Soon to be released, I asked them if they needed anything. "Councilman Gallagher, do you know any nice American girls we could take to dinner before we get flown home?" I will not be surprised if some entrepreneur develops the "Prison Diet Plan, guaranteed to shed pounds every day." And Denver building inspectors should check out Douglas Bruce's complaints about the prison building's plumbing and heating. What's good for the goose is good for the Bruce.

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