Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gallagher Amendment a hinderance?

Colorado's Office of Economic Development tells businesses which want to settle here in paradise in Colorado some very positive messages. They tell potential business folks that the Harris Poll ranks Colorado as the 4th most preferred state to live in. And I agree, I thank my great grandparents for settling here in Colorado. Who would not want to live here?

On percentage of sunny days, Colorado is 6th in the nation. Some others are a lot lower and hotter and more humid.

Colorado ranks first in private employment, largest in space economy.

Colorado's percent of population with a bachelor's degree or more ranks 3rd. Lots of these folks have moved here because our schools certainly are not graduating this work force. I wonder if the COED tells folks that 50% of kids in DPS do not graduate.

Colorado is 5th in scientists and engineers as a percent of the workforce. We are 10th in per-capita income. We are second in patents per 1,000 workers and we are first in average elevation.

And in the April 26th issue of Denver Business Journal we read that the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council ranks Colorado as the nation's 10th best state-tax environment for entrepreneurship and small business.

Even the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council gave Colorado second rank as a state with "responsible spending and competitive tax rates."

So take cheer, Colorado, We did this all even with the Gallagher Amendment. Better not mention that to any one.

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