Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peer Reviews

Someone at a neighborhood meeting recently asked who audits the auditor?

Here is the short answer to this excellent question.

Every three years our office go through what we call a "peer review." The Association of Local Government Aditors sent 4 auditors to review our office, how we are doing our audits; how we measure risk for audits to be performed; and compliance with rules and regulations of the Comptroller General. I am pleased to report that the Denver Auditor's Office gave us the highest ratings and noted a significant number of 'best practices' in their report. These auditors were from out of state and from some of the finest audit shops in the country. They were impressed with the Denver Model for Auditing for which our office is being recognized nationally.

I want to thank all our auditors in the Denver Auditor's Office for their outstanding performance in enabling our office to get this rating.

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